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2023 brings Lipsticks and Lasers to David and Mary - The Salon Experience

January 17, 2023

2023 brings Lipsticks and Lasers to David and Mary - The Salon Experience

As we start a fresh new year, I couldn’t be prouder or more excited about what we can accomplish this year. Mary and I have both put it “out there” in the universe that 2023 is going to be an amazing year for us all.

We are so proud and appreciative of the fact that after a hiatus of almost eight years, we have been able to regroup and “come out of the gate” with a new concept of how we provide our services to our clients! In many ways, it’s almost as if we have both returned more to our beginning work…..The work that we started quite a few years ago, working directly with our clients, without all the issues, chores, and distractions that would many times pull us away from our clients.

If anyone would have told Mary or myself that we would someday open a small boutique salon in a little blue house on South Street in Fishers, Indiana, nestled in with 3 or 4 other small businesses, I would have thought they were “off their rocker.” But little did we know, the little blue house would turn out to be our tiny “jewel” of a more intimate offering of beauty……..still elegant, stylish, but welcoming and comfortable. Entertaining, but without the drama……oh, the drama!!!!! Don’t miss that one bit!!! We sometimes chuckle when we reminisce on the fact that we had once, while at our Clay Terrace location, discussed using the tagline, “Come Home to “David and Mary!” Jokingly, we now know that this statement would be very relevant in time to come!

Now that we have our own “door” again and have settled into this bustling area of new businesses, we are excited about the future of our salon, and just the way our ever changing profession of BEAUTY has grown and evolved into a quite sophisticated industry… with a vast array of technologically advanced products and devices!

This year marks the 25th year anniversary of our David and Mary Classic Skin Care Line along with several new products that provide even more dramatic improvement to our clients’ skin. Along with “cult” favorites such as our Plussh Cleanser, Silver Bullet Toner, One-Step (spf30) Day Moisturizer, and Drying Potion, 2023 ushers in several new additions to our line for even more dynamic skin improvements: i.e. “Retinol Cream” with advanced time released properties, “pHinal Phase” Serum for superior skin barrier protection, and “Beloved Complexion Shield” (spf44) a tinted physical sunscreen day moisturizer containing advanced zinc and titanium oxide as it’s active ingredients.

With this new year and our own salon, we are also able to bring back some services from the past, as well as bring some new services on board as well. With the launching of our new “Lip Couture” Custom Blended Lipsticks and Gloss, we bring to the marketplace a concept that we actually brought to our clients in the early 90’s at David and Mary in our original Nora location. Only now, we can offer a vast array of options to suit the most discerning lips.

And always searching for more ways to improve our clients skin, we have been fortunate to add our CoolPeel Laser treatments to our roster……allowing us to deliver smooth, even toned skin without the huge downtown that was once associated with CO2 laser treatments. And because I can pair it with microneedling and radio frequency, which are also low downtime procedures, CoolPeel has quickly become our Gold Standard for amazing results that I never thought possible!!!!!!

This many years later, we still “race” to work and constantly think of all the possibilities. Please follow us on FB and IG for even more exciting services and product that are headed your way.

Best of Everything to You and Your Family. David

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Ramona Prochnow
Ramona Prochnow

January 30, 2023

I’m so excited and happy for you. I vividly remember the day Mary did my makeup at Nora. I don’t have pigment in my cheeks since having acne scars reduced by the old freeze and sand procedure. I have used David & Mary makeup base since that day. My goal is to have Mary do my makeup again now years later.

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