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When Should I Go Grey?

August 04, 2020

When Should I Go Grey?

Never! Seriously, as a woman over 60, I can not imagine ever going grey but many women have asked me over the course of my career as a hair colorist, when did I think they should stop coloring their hair and go grey?


My standard answer was “you will know when it’s time and when that time comes, I will help you through the transition.”


Little did I know that the world would shut down for COVID 19, and for the first time, women would be forced to face seeing how grey their hair had become over the years.


So not only were they learning how to zoom with their friends, they now had a real view of what their hair looked like if they didn’t color it. Many women will want to see if they can live with this new reality. So if you are considering making this jump, let’s discuss how to make this process as painless as possible.


First, start with a fantastic cut that is modern and flattering to your type of hair and lifestyle. I would also suggest that you let a professional colorist help you thru the journey of going grey. Highlights and glazing your existing hair color tend to ease the transition, but be aware that unless you are willing to make a big change by cutting your hair very short .... it may take upwards to a year to become your natural color of grey.


As you go grey make sure you also take a good look at your makeup. As you grey you may feel very washed out so the most important items in your makeup bag, are a bronzer, for healthy-looking skin, a black or navy mascara, for lots of definition in your eye area, and a beautiful lipstick with a hint of color.


Keep all this in mind when making this decision and the only requirement I think is a must for going grey is a commitment to looking modern and wearing your grey with confidence!

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October 23, 2021

I’ve watched many people make the transition to grey over the past 18 months. Some seem committed to going through the painful “cold turkey” approach with really stark color breaks in their hair. Mary helped to make this transition, first by using highlights and lightening my hair over time and then, when I was ready to go full grey, she created a color plan that allowed me to make the transition gracefully without damaging my hair or creating awkward periods where my hair looked anything other than great.


July 03, 2021

The COVID virus was the opportunity for me to see what I would look like since I always had a tendency to grey even after color in certain places. I LOVE my grey hair and have just enough brown/black in it that is is not all white. The bronzer comment is something I had never thought of since I am a minimalist when it comes to make up. We no longer live in Indy but our family does and I just might make an appointment when I know we are going to visit.
Thanks for the blog and the new website is wonderful!

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