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What Are The Most Important Things To Do To Keep Your Skin Looking Great?

September 27, 2020

What Are The Most Important Things To Do To Keep Your Skin Looking Great?

Skin Protection is #1

Skin protection during the day and a skin treatment at night are the two most important aspects of my daily beauty routine. Another words, during the day I protect my face with my day protectant/ moisturizer containing a SPF of 30 then over that I apply my foundation/ BB cream which contains SPF 30. By applying a double dose of sun protection, I feel confident that while driving in my car or walking outdoors, my skin will survive any sort of exposure to the sun. Sun is the number one reason why our skin ages over the years or develops skin cancer.

Night Time Routine

The other aspect of caring for one’s skin is treating it at night. I believe today’s women would never consider going to bed with out removing their makeup and in turn that has contributed to the popularity of facial wipes but in my opinion that’s great if you are in a situation of just having face wipes to keep your skin at least free to breath at night without the makeup you applied during the day but at night it is also important to take advantage of treating your skin while it is resting. It’s the best time to really enjoy the most effect of doing something for your skin, while you are sleeping and your skin is relax and receptive to a treatment. I alternate at night between exfoliating my skin with a serum that contain ingredients like Salicylic Acid and a moisturizer that is jam packed with antioxidants.

Here’s my routine, I cleanse my skin day and night with a creamy cleanser that I apply before adding water then I take my cleanser off with a wet cloth after thoroughly cleansing, I pat it dry with a clean towel.

After I have cleansed my skin I generously spray on my toner (of course I’m hooked on Silver Bullet) and depending on the time of day I apply a small amount of either my protectant or my treatment. It’s not complicated and I truly believe that the reason I was faithful to my routine though out the years was because it was simple and consistent.

In Summary

By caring for your skin day and night, you allow your natural skin to shine and that is what’s most modern today, healthy beautiful skin.

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