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Wellness with David & Mary

August 05, 2022

Wellness with David & Mary

With August being WELLNESS MONTH, I felt it an appropriate time to talk about some practices that help keep your skin looking and feeling it’s very best…clear, clean and with a glow that reflects a healthy lifestyle.

David's Six Steps for Wellness

  1. One thing that I impress upon clients is the importance of being CONSISTENT with their home care routine.  Using an exfoliating product once a month is not going to derive the intended result if you have been instructed to use the product two times per week.  Finding a home care system that you like is paramount in your consistently using it.
  2. Maintain a morning and an evening skin care routine.  Cleansing you face in the morning remove all the oils and wastes that have occurred while you sleep, plus equally important, it prepares your skin as a clean palette for whatever make up you chose to wear during the day.  You will feel more refreshed and ready to start a new day, plus your makeup will look brighter and will stay on longer.  Getting into the habit of cleansing your face earlier in the evening will help make sure that it is performed every night before retiring, plus it allows your nightly products to have more treatment time, which provides greater results.  Postponing your nightly routine increase your chances of going to bed with a day’s worth of impurities which act as a major deterrent to healthy skin.
  3. By now, most everyone has been made aware of the importance of wearing a SPF 30 sunscreen, but unfortunately, when I consult with clients, they many times are not in the habit of applying their sunscreen every single day, which illustrates the practice of being inconsistent with your home care routine.  It is important to find a wearable sunscreen that contains zinc or titanium dioxide, which acts as a physical, rather then a chemical sunscreen, that will repel the sun’s harmful rays, rather than absorb them.   Chemical sunscreens used on the face,  are often times, heavy feeling and tend to eventually create breakouts, which reinforces not wearing a sunscreen.
  4. Making sure that you keep yourself well hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water (80-100 oz)  per day will help keep your skin plumped and functioning at a healthy level of cellular turnover and production.
  5. Even though we often times are reminded of the importance of managing our stress levels, we many times neglect this rather “invisible”deterrent to better skin!  Moderate to mild exercise such as daily walking or a few minutes of quiet meditation, can go a long way in helping balance out stress and support healthier skin.
  6. Consciously, trying to cut down on the amount of processed foods and beverages that contain harmful chemicals and hormones will help your body function at a higher level, which in turn will help reinforces your goal of healthy looking skin at any age.

I think the key to making more healthy practices in our lives is to not be too hard on ourselves or to try to change too many things at one time.  “Slow and Steady” always wins out, and obtaining more healthy, more glowing skin, is no exception.

- David

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