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Welcome EXSOMES into our Tool Box of Professional Skin Care Treatments!

March 21, 2023

Welcome EXSOMES into our Tool Box of Professional Skin Care Treatments!

With the addition of CO2 CoolPeel Fractional Laser to our existing roster of advanced skin renewing treatments such as RF (Radio Frequency) and Micro-Needling, the incorporating of Exosomes into our therapies has come at a perfect time.  

New technology has enlightened us to the presence of exsomes in nearly every cell in our bodies.  These nano particles contain lipids, proteins, peptides, and growth factors that act as messengers that send signals to unhealthy cells, triggering the skin cells to regenerate and create a natural healing process.  

With the tremendous improvement to our client’s skin after receiving one of our advanced treatments, it’s only to be expected that a reaction “in” and “on” the skin will occur that requires some recovery time and why exsomes can play such a tremendous help in a faster recovery.

Because many clients don’t want to deal with any down time after their treatment, exsomes cut down redness, burning, and the healing process by a good 50 to 60 percent.  Due to exsome therapy speeding up recovery time and boosting the efficacy of the procedure, the number of treatments needed to achieve the desired results are greatly decreased.  For example, if you are working on acne scarring, you may only need two or three rounds instead of five or six.  

Exsomes help “seal” your skin post-laser or RF micro needling treatment and reduce the potential for allergic reactions.  The fact that exsomes are freeze dried and cold when applied, it’s like putting out a fire that the laser or microneedling has caused.

Another “cool” part about incorporating exsomes in to your CoolPeel laser or microneedling treatment is that they are continually active over a period of six to eight months post treatment, which results in an on-going increase in collagen and a noticeable skin improvement.

Now our clients can continue their advanced facial treatments year round with no lapse in results and with the confidence that they are receiving the most advanced therapies for the best possible improvement in their skin.

Schedule your appointment soon to see how we can create a realistic care plan choosing one, or a combination of our advanced treatments and by utilizing advanced topicals such as exsomes to maintain year round skin results that you never thought possible.

Looking forward to discussing your options for optimal skin improvement very soon.


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