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Trends for Spring 2022

February 19, 2022

Trends for Spring 2022

The French Cut Bob is all the rage for this spring! It’s a vintage inspire hair style that works great on any type of hair but it especially works well on fine, straight hair. I am a women with that type of hair, so of course, I’m excited that I finally have a look that works great on my type of hair. 


As for hair color with this hair style, it needs to be very dynamic without being complicated so I recommend ramping it up with a glaze. If you are a blonde, make it a amplified with lots of highlights and a honey-like glaze, if red is your passion add a vibrant copper glaze to your locks and if you are a brunette, glaze your hair with a lux and glamours dark chocolate.

Because of the inspiration of the classic French bob and dynamic hair color, makeup seems to concentrate on only one given area of the the face at a time. I’ve notice, thru the years, that women usually love one particular feature on their face. So if you are obsessed with your lips add liquid lipstick matte, No Filter, for a bright pink lip that only someone with gorgeous lips can pull off. But if you love your eyes , apply a dramatic liner with a matte pastel eyeshadow, like our Serene eye shadow. Apply it over your entire eye lid to give you this current look for spring. Which ever of these looks you choose, don’t forget that blush continues to be a bold statement for your cheeks.

At David & Mary- The Salon Experience, we want you to start off Spring looking your best so don’t forget to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant by scheduling a HydraGlow facial. This facial is so beneficial to rid you of the fine lines that accumulate during the harsh weather of winter.

I love Springtime, it is such a beautiful time of the year and the world feels so fresh. At David and Mary, we want to help you enjoy this time of year as much as we do, so let’s get started because it’s just around the corner!


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