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Three important makeup guidelines to applying your makeup after 50

March 28, 2023

Three important makeup guidelines to applying your makeup after 50

I have spent most of my life applying makeup to all ages of women. Beautiful brides, young prom girls, and even some celebrities, (my favorite being, Joan Rivers) but the makeup that gives me the most joy is educating women how to look their best at any age. But teaching a women how to apply her makeup at 30 is different than how a women must apply her makeup to look her best after 50. Here are three important skincare and makeup guidelines that help women as they age.

  1. For a healthy complexion your skincare routine is extremely important as you are getting older. The most beneficial product to apply daily must contain sunscreen that goes under your makeup or better yet, makeup products now, like skincare products, include sunscreen as one of their main ingredients. A great go to product with sunscreen is One Step with SPF 30, it’s convenient, contains daytime moisturizer and sunscreen. Another David and Mary product that is growing in popularity, is Beloved Complexion Shield with an SPF 44, this product makes the skin glow while protecting, and it evens out the skin tone with a sheer coverage. Apply thin layers of sunscreen daily to your face, chest and don’t forget the tops of your hands and ears!

  2. Bronzer also helps aging complexions look more youthful when applied correctly. Faithful Matte Bronzer applied with a medium sized brush, apply across the forehead, then apply under the cheekbones can lift and contour. Finish by applying bronzer on the jawline to conceal any drooping skin and give a more define appearance to your jaw. Adding bronzer to your makeup application will insure a healthy more natural looking complexion. As we age our skin can begin to look pasty or have a grey tone. A big mistake women make, is choosing foundations or tints that are too light in tone, thusly giving a ghostly appearance. This really will show in a photo, but by adding bronzer, it will warm up the skin tone, and create a more youthful appearance.

  3. The brows can be the biggest disappointment of the aging process. Every single strand of hair in that area is important to maintain, so I advise women to stop the tweezing unless they can use restraint in removing the extreme strays. It’s no revelation that thin brows are aging but how we fill them to maintain a natural shape, can make or break our makeup application. I’m not opposed to microblading the brows, but be aware that it is a much more dramatic look. It will be very important to balance your face with a more dramatic makeup application to maintain a youthful appearance. Brow Balm, is my favorite product of choice to enhance the brow area. It’s easy to apply and gives a really natural but defined appearance. Remember to start on the tails of your brows, and more importantly brows are sisters not twins.

If you need a new approach to your makeup or feeling like you are way overdue for an update, please give me a call. Go online to book an appointment, so I can help you look and feel your best. 

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