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The Best of Brows

January 24, 2022

The Best of Brows

Let David and Mary help you with you attain your best eyebrows!

Fun facts to know about your brows

  • Your brows grow faster in the summer than they do in the winter, basically because of the warmer weather and you are more active in the summer than the winter.
  • Brows were designed to keep the rain, moisture and sweat out of your eyes for clearer and better vision.
  • Eye brows can affect others’ first impression of you, the shape of them can make you look happy, sleepy, mad or surprise!
  • Last but not least, eye brows can dramatically age you if not shaped correctly for your face shape.

Let's address the aging aspect of your eye brow shape. I am sure that of all the fun facts I gave you, this is the one that interested you the most.


We often think that wrinkles, sagging skin and brown spots are what age us the most. This definitely has an effect on your appearance but something as simple as giving your eye brows a little attention can take years off the way you look.

A softer and fuller eye brow tends to look younger, giving a more relax expression while a thinner brow gives the appearance of an unbalance shape to your face.  The eyes are meant to be framed so the size of the brow and how they complement your eyes is very important to the beauty of your face.

Today’s version of the eyebrow is full, well shaped and trimmed. Think Brook Shields in her Calvins, the ‘80s brow, but just more groomed and polished. Below are a few ways to achieve your best brow.

  • The best way to achieve full, well balance eye brows if you feel that you need a little help is microblading. Microblading a technique that has become popular in the last few years because it is a softer version of tattooing, the application gives a hair like look to the brows, giving the appearance of being much more natural than a brow that has been tattoo. It last approximately eighteen months and cost around  $600 depending on the area you live in.
  • Professional waxing and tinting of the eye brows are very popular services and a much more economical way of enhancing your brows. The cost is about $45 dollars and to keep your eye brows in their best shape it should be done every 4-6 weeks.
  • If you want the best product to fill in your brows, at David and Mary - The Salon Experience we love the Brow Balm! It comes in three colors, Blonde, Brunette and Deep Brunette. What we love about the brow balm is that it is easy to put on, looks natural but stays in place in any kind of situation.

When applying brow balm remember that eye brows are sisters not twins. Start at the tail of the brow, work your way up to the front of your brow staying on top of the brow and lightly fill in until you achieve the desired effect. After you have completed this process then blend the under side into the arch and finish back at the tail. Giving the most attention to the tail because this is the area that normally is the most sparse.

If you are having trouble achieving the look you want for your eye brows, book a brow consultation with us at the salon and we will help you feel confident in knowing that you have the most perfect eye brows for your face.


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