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Summertime Makeup

May 31, 2022

Summertime Makeup

What to do with my makeup now that summer is here.

My favorite time of the year is the summer but I do not love being in the sun! I love the warmth of the sun, longer days and the parties or vacations that I look forward to because of the weather but I do not like what the sun does to my skin. But because so many things happen outside in the summer, it is extremely important that I help you know how to take care of your skin and look fabulous doing it.

The two most important products in your routine this summer are, One Step daytime moisturizer and Beloved Beauty Balm. Both products are SPF 30 and will protect you me skin with normal usage, but of course you will want a higher protection if you are in direct sun.


Next in line is your bronzer, a highlighter, mascara and gloss. If you are inclined to do something more to your eyes beside finishing with lots of mascara and polished brows, then warm, golden brown eye shadows are making a big comeback. That’s why your bronzer and high lighter work so well for this “fun in the sun” look.

Keep it simple but remember that taking care of your skin is a life time commitment. Just by using a little more bronzer and sun protection and spending a little less time in direct sun, will result in a lot  less damage and premature aging to your skin.

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