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Show Your Skin Some Love

February 05, 2023

Show Your Skin Some Love

Happy Valentines Day to ME!!!

With the month of February being associated with Valentine’s Day and the traditional expressing of affection to our “Special Someones,” I thought it might be nice to list a few ways that we might show ourselves some LOVE on Valentines Day, by giving ourselves the GIFT of taking better care of your skin.

Here are 6 steps for exception skin at any age:

  1. Establish a relationship with a skincare professional that will analyze your skin and that will take the time to get to know you and your skin, focusing on your lifestyle, your concerns, and what you are wanting to improve or maintain regarding your skin is paramount!  This will allow you to learn what is realistic and what steps will need to be taken to achieve your desired goal.  At David and Mary - The Salon Experience, we have a vast array of peels, products, and procedures that can render results that were not even possible a few short years ago!  With all the new, advance equipment that is at our fingertips, estheticians can spend our time providing the services in the facility that will make your home care products work so much better, and educate you on the “how, when, where, and why” of the products that we have recommended.  This will take the guess work out of you trying to chart your own course.  Check out procedures such as Dermaplaning and micro-needling, as well as new advancements in radio frequency with microneedling, and laser procedures that require very little or almost no downtime and provide unbelievable results!!!  Check out our instagram account, as “seeing is believing!”
  2. Make a commitment to yourself that will stay dedicated to the daily skin care routine, or Care Plan, as well call it, as this will create a rhythm in your skin that will guarantee results.  CONSISTENTLY is the key to a successful outcome, whether we are referring to eating healthy, working out, as well as achieving healthy, glowing skin.
  3. Don’t discredit the rather hackneyed advise that you hear all the time regarding keeping your water intake up on a daily basis!  Water helps flush out toxins in your body that can keep skin from looking and acting it’s best.  Water also helps plump up the skin and reinforces other procedures that you may have undergone, such as Hyaluronic and other facial fillers.
  4. DO NOT pick at your face as this can only increase skin problems such as spreading bacteria, creating more blemishes that can many times lead to scaring.  Replace your urge to pick at your skin by developing healthy habits such as the usage of drying lotions that allow you to have something to use on your skin that will facilitate a healthy outcome. Check out our Drying Potion as well as our Collagen Sleep Mask that alleviate the need to wash the mask off, but rather leaving it all for increased therapy!!!!
  5. Get into the habit of wearing a total block sunscreen  (spf 30 or above) EVERYDAY…..rain or shine, and make sure that it contains the active ingredients of zinc or titanium dioxide… exceptions.  The key is to find a sunscreen moisturizer that you like….one that feels comfortable and breathable on your skin, such as our “D&M” Beloved Complexion Shield with an spf of 44.  Feel the difference a professional product can make!
  6. Lastly, please take all the tips, tricks, and home made products and procedures that you we are all bombarded with every day on Social Media with a grain of advise that they are many times bogus, and often times harmful to skin, even if they simply prolong you from seeking out a more effective product or procedure to obtain your desired result.

Hopefully these tips will help you achieve the skin you have always wanted, because “your skin needs it, and you deserve it.

Happy Valentines Day,


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