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Say Goodbye to Dry Skin

February 12, 2022

Say Goodbye to Dry Skin

HYDRATION….The Secret to Great Skin!

Our skin’s greatest protector for keeping it dewy and soft is it’s barrier function.  In order for our skin to stay glowing and healthy, the skin’s delicate balance of oil and water must be maintained.  Harsh environmental factors such as cold temperatures, sun, and dry heat will greatly disturb skin’s barrier function and result in dry, cracked, scaly skin.  Excessive cleansing of the skin or using harsh products containing alcohol will also exacerbate this imbalance. 

To help guard against this destructive imbalance, Silver Bullet Regulating Toner, a cult fav of the David and Mary Skin Care Line, is an extremely effective, time tested, balancing agent and hydrator that is chalked full of Hyaluronic Acid to plump the driest of skins to an almost immediate dewy softness…and comfortable balance!

Because our skin’s hydration level is directly related to it’s water content, a soap-free cleanser such as Plussh Cleanser from the David and Mary Skin Care Line will effectively remove dirt, make up, as well as bacteria without ever disturbing the water levels in skin.

While your skin is still moist from cleansing, a generous application of a fragrance -free moisturizer such as David and Mary Long Term Care Cream will keep guard against evaporation and seal in the water from the cleaning routine. 

Getting into the habit of always applying a fragrance-free, mineral based SPF 30 sunscreen containing zinc or titanium dioxide before going into the sun will also help maintain the hydration level in skin.

Reapplying moisturizer during the day, at the very first sign of dryness, will guarantee continuous care.

Following these simple, but powerful steps can greatly improve and maintain the skin’s hydration and keep your skin smooth and supple. Shop these products and get 15% off with code Blog15

Need a little help in the hydration department? Schedule a facial with David to get your skin back on track!

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