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Preparing Your Skin for Colder Weather and the Holidays

November 06, 2021

Preparing Your Skin for Colder Weather and the Holidays

With cooler weather in full swing and the Holiday Season rapidly approaching, it’s necessary to switch up your skin care routine to avoid unnecessary blots of dry, itchy skin that can lead to even worsening cases of eczema or other skin disorders.
What follows are some fairly simple, easy changes in your skin’s home care that can make major difference in the way your skin feels and looks.
  • Stop using soap in a bar All bar soaps, no matter how many moisturizing ingredients are in them, contain an ingredient called an “excipient,” which acts as a necessary binding agent to maintain the soap in a bar form. This same ingredient is what can leave a residue on your skin that can clog your pores, dehydrate, and cause skin to become chaffed and irritated. Switching to a soap-free hydrating cleanser is the first step to insuring a seamless transition to colder weather. i.e. (Plussh or Multiplicity Cleanser)
  • Change your exfoliant Switch from more aggressive scrubs that might contain coarser granules or even beads, to a milder exfoliant that has a collapsible exfoliating agent such as a milk protein or an enzyme that dissolves dead, dry skin cells, rather than relying on a harsher, manual scrubbing action. i.e. (Clean Slate)


  • Up the humidity Since we will spend so much more time in heated surroundings and in colder outside temperatures, consider investing in a humidifier to guard against your skin loosing it’s “natural lipid barrier,” which leaves your skin more readily accessible to pollution and bacteria, which can lead flaking and cracking of your skin.


  • Switch out your moisturizer Consider switching from lighter, more serum based moisturizers to a heavier, cream based protectant. Serums can continue to be used, but should usually be applied to your skin prior to a thicker product. i.e. (Long Term Care Cream)


  • Give attention to certain areas Start thinking about giving more attention to the delicate skin on your lips and around your eyes. Using a product that is high in Hyaluronic Acid will ensure greater protection in these areas and will actually guarantee moisture to be attracted to the treated areas while the product in on the skin. i.e. (Nite Nite Eye and Neck Cream)


  • Use a hydrating body lotion Because we tend to layer more clothing made of heavier material which can actually leach moisture out of our skin, start applying a hydrating body lotion on a daily bases. Applying the lotion while the skin is still moist from your shower or bath, will ensure a greater penetration of the product. Look for lotions or creams that contain ceramides and naturally derived fatty acids to protect your skin’s lipid barrier. i.e. (Davines OI Hand and Body Cream- available in salon)


  • Use SPF Stay vigilant to your usage of an SPF sunscreen of at least a 30, making sure that it contains zinc or titanium dioxide as a physical sunscreen, meaning one that contains sunblock ingredients that are naturally found in our bodies. And to add an even greater level of protection, check to make sure that your daily sunscreen contains antioxidants, preferably Vitamin C, E, or A, as these compounds assist in making your sunscreen a more powerful protectant against aging. i.e. (One Step - spf 30)

If you need a skincare consultation or your skin needs additional hydration as these colder months approach book an appointment with me. I can help you have glowing, hydrated skin all winter long!


I'll see you soon,


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anna arduini
anna arduini

November 16, 2021

Thanks David! It is always good to remind ourselves to take some simple steps to keep our skin glowing and healthy!!

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