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Now is the time to celebrate the lips!

February 20, 2023

Now is the time to celebrate the lips!

I love lipstick! I love the whole process of deciding what lipstick I feel like wearing on any given day. Depending on my mood, the occasion, and how much time I have to apply it, will depend on what I choose to polish my lips. I like the word polish for lip color, because like nail lacquer, the outcome, depends on a precise application of thin layers of lip products correctly applied for a long lasting lip.
But lips need skincare just like the rest of your face, so let’s begin with a great night time routine that will keep your lips smoother and fuller for a better lipstick application.

I start by taking my lipstick off with my eye makeup remover. By using Swipe on a Q-tip you can successfully remove the lip color without clogging other parts of your face with remnants of the lipstick.

Next cleanse your lip with Plussh, rinse and then gently exfoliate with Clean Slate, rinse again and follow with our new Collagen Sleep Mask, for an overnight treatment. That’s right, sleep in your lip mask! Of course you can do this to your entire face, but the importance of this routine is to pay special attention to your lips.

The next morning your lips will feel and look amazing.

Now to the lip color for your perfectly moisturizer lips. This season, bold lips are definitely the trend. What I love about a bold lip, is the fact, that your eye makeup can be at a minimum and you still make a definite statement. This is my go-to-lip when I have worked all day and need to look put together for an evening event, with absolutely no time to spare. I still spend a little time to freshen my face with Constant Companion Concealer and my Perfect Partner Powder, I add more mascara and I make sure my brows are on point, then I go to work on creating a flawless bold look for my lips. Here are my rules for big and beautiful, lips.
        1.      Prime your lips with a lip primer or use your CC concealer.
        2.      Line and fill in your lips with a liner close in shade to the lip color of your choice.
        3.      After applying your liner apply a matte lipstick to the entire lip.
        4.      Next add a cream lipstick over the matte lip color, it  is more natural looking than a matte, but last as long, and your lips look more kissable.
        5.      Now you are ready to complete this look by relining your lips, this will insure your lips look fuller and perfect.

That kind of lip application will last thru a couple glasses of wine and give you the confidence of feeling flawless. If you need some help finding the perfect bold lip color, make an appointment at David and Mary, so we can create it for you. Just remember, a lip says a lot about the women!


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