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Natural Hair - Tips for Home Care

April 10, 2023

Natural Hair - Tips for Home Care

Natural Hair has finally come into it’s own and proper hair care for this type of hair has never been more important.  Natural hair is usually especially fragile and prone to damage if not cared for properly.

Here are some Tips for Everyday Care of Natural Hair

  • Don’t wash you hair too frequently.  Usually once a week is sufficient, unless you have perspired heavily or encountered dust or dirt.   
  • Keep your curls moist and well protected.  Use a conditioner, concentrating on the ends of your hair.  Actually, rinsing your hair and applying conditioner without washing your hair can protect your hair and help to keep it looking great on the days you don’t shampoo your hair.
  • Detangle your hair regularly as this will keep your hair from matting, which can damage the ends of your hair.  Usually the best time is in the shower and after having applied your conditioner.
  • Use as little heat on your hair as possible, as excessive heat can damage your curls.  If you use a diffuser, try using a lower heat, or better yet, let your hair dry naturally.
  • Always use some type of heat protectant if you apply heat to your hair.
  • Switch to a satin pillowcase as cotton pillowcase leeches moisture from your hair and can make it fuzzy.
  • Always use a microfiber towel or a 100 % cotton t-shirt when drying your hair, as regular towels cause too much friction, which can tend to break your curls apart before you have had a chance to style them
  • Always end your shampooing routine using a cool or cold final rinse to lock in moisture and help to create shine.
  • Always make sure your hair is almost soaking wet before using any type of styling gel or cream leave in, as this assures a much stronger curl formation  that lasts longer and stops “frizz” in it’s tracks!
  • Don’t touch your hair after you have applied your leave in product as it will tend to disturb your curl formation.
  • Don’t ever dry brush or comb your hair.  To rejuvenate “post washed hair,” simply mist on a leave in product or you can make your own version by mixing approximately one fourth leave in conditioner to three fourths water.  Simply, spray, crunch, shake, and go!!!
  • Experiment with products that have silicones in them as well as those that do not contain silicones.  You can decide which works best for you. 

Hopefully this tips will make your life easier and allows you to enjoy the freedom of your curly hair and makes you realize that now is the perfect time to be proud of your curls and to let them shine bright!!

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