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Meet Madison!

January 20, 2023

Meet Madison!



My name is Madison Miller. Ive been a licensed cosmetologist going on three years now. I specialize in all things curly. The reason I chose to to further my education and get certified in different curly cutting and styling techniques, is due to my own personal experience.


Being biracial definitely has its pros and cons, one of them that stuck out to me the most was how my hair was cared for. When I was younger my hair was considered “to hard to manage”. Therefore the easiest style to do with my hair was to have it straightened every couple of weeks, and that was my routine for years. Understandably, that was then the “easiest” way to maintain my hair. The older I became and the more in touch I became with myself, I had a realization of going completely natural. Going natural means stopping any treatments that compromise the hair from its natural state.


With all of that being said, my mission is to simplify natural hair. I would like each of my clients to have a routine personalized for them specifically. This will ensure a healthy and non stagnant routine, that will better their hair journey.

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