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Mary's Tips to Help You Look and Feel Better

April 20, 2023

Mary's Tips to Help You Look and Feel Better

Is that your mother staring back at you in the mirror? If you are approaching an age that you see a difference in your overall appearance and attitude towards aging, here are some easy tips to help you look and feel better.

  • Drink more water. Sounds simple, but if you haven’t made it a habit yet, it’s harder to do than it sounds. Start by switching one drink a day, like soda pop, coffee or tea, with water. I prefer my water cold. Also you don’t have to give up your martini or glass of wine, but drink a full size glass of water with each adult beverage.
  • Concealer and bronzer are my best friends. The concealer covers my dark circles and bronzer makes me look healthier.
  • Keep current on today’s fashion. Add a pair of wide leg pants to your wardrobe. A white blouse never goes out of style but wear one with a flouncy sleeve. I personally wouldn’t wear both of those two items together, but one at a time, will keep you looking modern and on point.
  • Ok, here’s the tip, that either will make you hate me, or you will totally agree with me. Cover your gray. Unless you have magnificent hair and a fantastic cut, gray hair ages you. If you hate the  (zipper) look of the gray coming in, ask your hairdresser to use 10 volume developer instead of 20 volume. It just blends better, it doesn’t totally cover the gray,  so you can go a little longer in between visits. Another thought, is to highlight and low light your hair, this a great way to blend the gray and if you feel that your hair is thinning, it gives your hair more volume. The important piece of this is not to lose definition, the grayer we become the more our skin looks washed out. So if you are determined to go gray, spend that extra time looking healthy with the appropriate amount of makeup.
  • Walk with a spring in your step. Keep your pace quicker than slower. And be mindful, if you start waddling back and forth when you walk, people will perceive you as either pregnant or extremely mature. It takes discipline and desire to look and feel youthful and it’s not for the faint of heart. But, the pay off is big, people will treat you differently and admire your vitality.

Last but not least, stay positive, be open to new thoughts and learn as much as you can, about your cell phone!

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