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Mary's Skincare Routine

April 27, 2022

Mary's Skincare Routine

Before I met David, my grandmother told me how to take care of my skin. Her advice for great skin was a bar of Ivory soap, because the only important thing she cared about was keeping her skin squeaky clean. She wouldn’t have considered doing anything to keep it youthful looking, because that would have made her vain and God forbid, that she would be considered anything like that!
Well, we have come along way since my grandmother’s time. The world has evolved, self love and self care are accepted as part of everyday life. Today’s products deliver amazing results that keep your skin looking healthier and beautiful, as long as you are consistent with your skin care routine.
I am dedicated to taking care of my skin day and night. I use a clean wash cloth to cleanse because of the exfoliating effect it has on my skin and I love the way it takes off every bit of my makeup. I thoroughly cleanse my makeup off at night so that I can apply a treatment product, depending on what my skin needs and how it feels at that time. Because my skin is resting during the night, it will experience better results, than if I had applied the treatment product during the day. My main objective during the day, is to protect my skin from the environment and the sun. But I feel the most important piece to my night and day routine is to keep it simple and consistent.
My night routine
I remove my eye makeup firstly with Plussh, applying it only to the eye area and then removing it with a warm, wet wash cloth. After all my eye shadow and particularly my mascara is gone, I apply Plussh to the rest of my face and neck area. I then remove the Plussh with the wash cloth that has been thoroughly rinsed of my eye makeup. I wipe as long as I see makeup on the wash cloth, then I rinse my face with water and gently pat dry with a clean towel. I then generously spray Silver Bullet to my clean skin. While it is still wet, I apply a pea size of Long Term Care. When I am needing an extra dose of treatment, and to lock in my night cream, I apply a drop of Phinal Phase Serum , a new product for David & Mary, over the cream. Two to three times a month I mask or exfoliate my skin, but because I faithfully have facials, I’m not as religious with these types of treatments. But, I do love the way my skin feels after I have used a mask.
My daytime routine
I cleanse my face with Plussh and a warm wet wash cloth. When finished, I gently pat dry with a clean towel. I continue by generously spraying on Silver Bullet. While it is still wet, I apply One Step to my face, décolleté, and hands. I take a few minutes to let my skin absorb all that has been applied to it and then proceed with applying my makeup.
Just like any type of maintenance for the body it takes dedication and consistency. If you need guidance or have questions about how to start an effective routine, book a facial with David. It’s exciting to see the results that you can achieve when you have the right routine for beautiful skin.

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