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Jelly Mask Are Here!

January 28, 2022

Jelly Mask Are Here!

Although not new to the professional skin care world, jelly masks have gained tremendous traction in recent years. Traditionally credited for supplying balancing electrolytes to parched, dull, dry skin, “Jelly Masks” have also been developed to nurture and restore vitality to all skin types.
These very colorful, hard working jelly masks have a full range of benefits to improve the health and appearance of skin from
  • improving skin’s barrier function
  • replenishing moisture
  • detoxifying
  • alleviating sunburn and rashes
  • cleansing
  • reducing inflammation
  • exfoliating the skin.
Unlike traditional clay based masks that dry on the skin, jelly masks are based on refined alginate from brown seaweed and are non-drying with a texture similar to jelly. All jelly masks provide tremendous hydration by creating a vacuum-like seal over the skin. This action forces any nutrients applied previously, deeper into the skin.
Since jelly masks can be paired with a variety of other professional facial treatments such as Dermaplaning, micro-needling, micro-channeling, radio frequency, as well as all waxing services, they provide a cooling, soothing, and deeply hydrating finishing touch to almost any skin treatment.
Unlike hardening masks that can not be applied over the eyelids, jelly masks can be applied over the entire face, including the eyes and the lips for an all inclusive therapy as long as the client has been informed of the entire face being covered and that no damage is caused to the brows or the lashes.
Jelly masks are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and non-toxic treatments that create a totally skin loving experience that can target any skin condition and any skin type.
Consider adding a jelly mask to your next facial treatment and see and feel the difference yourself…..and we thought jelly could only be combined with peanut butter!!!
I'll see you soon,

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