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Intro into Men's Skincare

September 03, 2022

Intro into Men's Skincare

With the advent of Instagram and TikTok, good facial hygiene is no longer just a female practice. Men have jumped on the band wagon of taking much better care of their skin.
The important factor to remember is that it must be a non complicated routine that one enjoys and that you look forward to doing due to the way one’s skin looks and feels after using.
What follows is a short summary of why it is so important for men to consistently follow a simple home care regime for their face and some solutions for some common issues that men have regarding keeping their skin looking good.
  1. Because most men have traditionally centered their regular facial care around the aspect of their shaving routine, this usually means that they are only cleansing their face one time a day. Usually this is a morning ritual, which means that there is no cleansing taking place in the evening. By adding night time cleansing and moisturizing to their nightly regime, they are actually helping to soften their beard for a much closer shave the following morning, with less nicks and irritation.
  2. Care should be given to choosing the appropriate cleanser for removing dirt, perspiration, oils, and dead skin cells from the skin, but at the same time, not drying out the skin and disturbing the natural lipid barrier that protects our skin from bacteria and other harmful agents that can be detrimental to good skin health. Using any form of a bar soap on the face is never good due to the fact that the binding agent that causes the soap to remain in a bar, other wise know as an excipient, can actually leave a harmful residue on the skin that can block the penetration of moisturizing agents applied after cleansing. Much healthier cleansing options can be found in our multiplicity cleanser that is rinsable with water, but that leave no film on the skin and that act as much better cleansing products. 
  3. Another consideration is the routine usage of a mild exfoliating product that mimics our skin’s natural exfoliation by removing a thin layer of dead skin cells every time that it is used. This will also help to lift up the beard for a smoother shaving experience as well as keep blackheads at bay. Look for exfoliates that contain what are called “collapsible particles” such a milk proteins or enzymes that gradually dissolve as they are massaged on the skin. This will disallow scraping or scratching of the skin, which can lead to redness and irritation. We suggest our Clean Slate Exfoliator.
  4. Always misting on a non-alcohol, pH balancing toner after each cleansing endures increased penetration of a moisturizer or a treatment product that should follow after every cleansing. Our Silver Bullet regulating toner  contains humectants like Hyaluronic acid & other moisturizing botanicals.
  5. The daily usage of a sunscreen product that contains zinc or titanium dioxide what are called “physical agents” rather than “chemical agents” is paramount in every man’s skin care regime. These very important ingredients are both natural to our own bodies and guarantee that the harmful rays of the sun will be repelled, rather than absorbed into the skin. Our One Step SPF 30 contains these ingredients along with other botanicals or vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, or E.
One’s nightly skin care routine should included the same cleansing and toning as the morning routine, with an additional application of a treatment product that will work to repair the damage caused by free radicals and other damaging factors that can cause premature aging of the skin. Look for products that contain active ingredients such as retinol and Vitamin C to help brighten and tone your skin.
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“Seeing is believing,” and with the invigorating and anti-aging effects caused by these steps, men can enjoy all the benefits of healthy looking skin.

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