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Hydration Vs Moisture

January 17, 2022

Hydration Vs Moisture

It’s not uncommon to hear individuals, whether it be clients or sometimes even estheticians, refer to hydration and moisture as if they are same, but each provide different contributions that are needed to keep skin healthy and to slow the signs of aging.

Firstly let’s tackle HYDRATION. Hydration pertains to water. When we speak of dehydrated skin, we are referring to skin that is lacking proper amounts of water to keep the skin plump and smooth. Excessive heat causes skin to lose water and low humidity will also zap valuable water content by disallowing the skin to obtain water from the air.

Hyaluronic acid remains the gold standard for hydrating skin as it plays a vital role in helping skin attract water from the environment as well as keeping the water molecule on the surface of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a primary component in the David and Mary cult favorite, Silver Bullet Toner as well as in all three of the Strategy Serums and the newly added products, Nite Nite Eye and Neck Cream. Hyaluronic acid or HA as it is many times referred to, also helps pull water as well as other nutrients in skin care formulas, deeper into the skin, which greatly exacerbates the effectiveness of the products.

Now, when we speak of MOISTURE, we are referring to the natural oils or lipids that are found in and on our skin. Genetics and environmental conditions greatly contribute to the amount of natural oils produced by our skin. Lack of adequate moisture in the skin can result in dry, flaky, and cracking conditions. It’s the protein and antioxidant components in Skin Care Formulas such the David and Mary Long Term Care Cream that provide the added lipids and nutrients that the skin needs to stay healthy and youthful looking.

It’s only when hydration and moisture (water and oil) are combined to form what is known as the Natural Moisture Factor (NMF) that skin will be perfectly balanced, with no signs of redness, irritation, of flakiness.

Nature illustrates to us that there can indeed be “a perfect marriage of oil and water” and that this is paramount if skin is to be protected from internal as well as external damage! Healthy skin dispels the old adage that says, “oil and water don’t mix!”

Please consider scheduling a personalized consultation, or better yet, a David and Mary Signature Facial to help establish this important balance that is so necessary for healthy skin.

Your skin needs it, and YOU deserve it!!!! All at David and Mary - The Salon Experience

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