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Holiday Hair Styling

November 15, 2021

Holiday Hair Styling

Well they are here again, the holidays! It’s time to pull out a little extra effort for all those parties and holiday events that you will be attending this season. We’ve been sitting at home, way to long, wearing our sweats. Now is the time to pull out all the stops with a glitter top, a red lipstick and a fun looking hairdo!

A great teasing brush and some Davines hair spray will be your best friend to change up the look of your hair. Three of the easiest looks for medium to long hair are high ponytails, half up and half down hair or a low bun at the nape of your neck, I like to call it a chignon but a low bun works as well. All three looks will need a bit of teasing, even for those looks that seem so effortless and messy.
The best way to start your look is with a great blow out and by using Davines, Melu Hair Shield, this will protect your hair while blowing it out with your blow dryer or adding volume with your curling iron and your hair will continue to maintain it’s luster.
Hair accessories will also be a go to for more festive hair and extremely easy way to change up your look from yoga class to meeting friends for dinner and cocktails during the holidays. I love the new head bands that I’ve seen on Instagram that look like they have been incrusted in every type of stone imaginable. These are great for long hair or a short bob. Any type of glittery Bobby-pin added to your hair to pull over your bangs or to sweep over your beech waves to one side will change an average hair day to a glamorous outing.
Then another way to keep it easy is just by adding a velvet bow or ribbon. I like velvet because it doesn’t slide off my hair as easily as a satin ribbon but both work. Great to add to a ponytail or to use as a headband on a pixie. And both ribbon-looks can be held in place with glittery Bobbi pins. Voila!
Let’s change it up, make it festive because it’s time to have some fun and you can do this! Make this the best holiday ever and ring it in by surrounding all with lots of love and hope for the New Year!

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