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Holiday Eyes

December 09, 2021

Holiday Eyes

The holidays are here and parties are in full swing!

Glamorous eyes can be fun and easy for the holidays if you are willing to embrace a few new tips to change up your eye makeup! Pink eye shadow is now all the rage on the runways and Instagram but you may be hesitant to try it because of the bad press it has received in the past. However with a little bit of guidance you can easily achieved this beautiful new look. Here are the items you will need for this look- Faithful Matte bronzer, our new pink eye shadow Serene, Hibiscus blush, highlighter, a black felt tip liner and of course lots of black mascara to achieve the new version of a “pink” eye makeup application.

Start with beautiful skin by applying concealer, Beloved Beauty Balm and thin layers of powder. Your next step is to start in your eye area by applying Serene on your lower eye lids, then add Faithful Matte Bronzer to the edge of the bone of your eye sockets and finished with highlighter under your brows. At this point I would add eye liner along your lashes, either a kitten liner or for a more dramatic look, channel Adele’s liner and add lots of mascara, letting it dry in between coats of mascara.

Here’s a little tip I use when applying my mascara, I take the tip of my mascara wand and add the mascara to the base of my lashes so that my wet line closest to my lashes is covered with mascara, this will give me the illusion of longer lashes.

Last but not least, finish your eye area by generously filling in your brow with our famous Brow Balm. For lips, I like a nude lip like Skinny Dip Luxury Gloss but if you are really feeling the pink, a pink lip would work as well. Now my last tip is to apply blush on the apple of your cheeks (more is better) and then lightly add it to the outside of your eyes under your brows. This completes your new eye makeup and I guarantee you will feel fresh, modern and look very festive for the holidays!

I wish you a happy and successful new year and I look forward to seeing you!



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