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Glaze is not just for doughnuts!

February 05, 2022

Glaze is not just for doughnuts!

Why should you glaze your hair?

The number one reason to glaze your hair is the extraordinarily brilliant shine! But there are a lot more benefits to glazing your hair than for making it shiny. Glazing is the final step when coloring your hair..think of it is as top coat that is applied on your nails to seal and ensure a beautiful manicure.

Hair glaze is a non-permanent hair color treatment that also refreshes your hair color and gives it more vibrancy. It repairs the cuticle by deep conditioning hair that has been damaged by the sun resulting in frizzy and brassy hair. By glazing your hair you are layering a coat of protection that smooths it from fly aways, resulting in less tangling and hair that has more body. Giving your hair a silkier appearance and a much more manageable hair style.

A glaze added to your highlights and lowlights results in very natural and dimensional appearance , and your highlights will always look fresh and less brassy by adding a violet glaze in between highlighting visits.

A glaze is also perfect for brunettes or red heads to avoid a build up of permanent color over time, resulting in extremely dark colored and matte looking ends.

A beautiful head of hair that is shiny and translucent in appearance suggests a healthy and youthful individual whether it be a dark brunette, a rich copper red head, or a platinum blond. So next time you visit the salon ask about a glaze if you aren’t already glazing your hair. You won’t be disappointed!

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