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Glass Facial- The Newest Obsession for an Envious Complexion

May 23, 2023

Glass Facial- The Newest Obsession for an Envious Complexion

If you want your skin to look smooth, luminous, and firmer than you ever thought possible, then you need to experience our newly designed “Glass Facial” at David and Mary. This non-invasive, 3-in-1 skin treatment penetrates nutrients deeply into the skin for a brighter and more youthful complexion.
This sophisticated facial treatment calls upon two different types of exfoliation to guarantee that your skin is prepared to effectively absorb the nutrients that are vital in order to achieve the long lasting results. The first exfoliation uses a non-chemical process called Dermaplaning to start the process of removing the dry, flaky skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin and that cause our skin to look ashy and lifeless. This process can be performed on the most sensitive skins because there is no risk of any harsh chemicals causing an unwanted reaction on the skin. An added benefit of Dermaplaning is that any vellus hair is also removed. Vellus hair can cause the skin to appear dull and not reflect light.
The second form of exfoliation incorporates what is known as proteolytic enzymes to help break down and dissolve proteins on the skin that can also block serums and other vital nutrients from being absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin.
This rapid removal of the dead skin cells caused by the two forms of exfoliation encourage new skin cells to more rapidly migrate to the surface of the skin, which results in a extremely effective anti-aging process.
Once the skin has been thoroughly exfoliated and at an optimal level for the absorption of proprietary serums, the third very important step of the Glass Facial incorporates the usage of Radio Frequency and L.E.D. Light to create deep heat in the lower levels of the skin and to ensure total absorption of the nutrients that are necessary to create the impressive results of the Glass Facial.
The warmth of the Radio Frequency Handpiece being methodically passed over the client’s face allows for a deeply relaxing finishing touch to the Glass Facial. The client is softly alerted to the ending of the 45 minute treatment by the gentle tapping of a generous application of our “D&M” pHinal Phase Serum to seal all the nutrients in the skin and provide a tremendous GLOW that only The Glass Facial can provide!

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