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Fall Hair Transition

October 25, 2021

Fall Hair Transition

Fall is here after a very hot summer and as a colorist I love the change of seasons because it helps me to change my approach to my client’s hair color.
Sun causes lots of damage to your hair by fading hair color and leaving it with a brassy tone. There are serval ways to fight brassiness by going darker, adding low lights, and/or glazing hair. All of these techniques will help tame the unwanted brassy tones.
I also love to add dimension of darker and richer tones to hair that has become all one color because of overexposure to the sun. For a subtle change I choose shades 1-2 tones darker then my client’s existing hair color and for a more dramatic change I add chunky low lights 3-4 shades darker then the existing hair color.
A very fun way to change the look of your hair is to add dark and rich toned hair extensions for dimension and volume. Did you know the salon now offers hair extensions? Book your consultation with Julia!
The most important reason for going a shade or two darker in the fall is that your skin fades which can leave you feeling pasty but by adding a warmer or richer hair color, it will automatically brighter your skin tone, and then by adding a blush with some warmth to the apples of your cheeks, your look will be fresh and ready for fall. The combination of the perfect rich dimensional hair color and a polish new makeup look for fall is the best way to continue self love and self care thru out the year. Need help with a fresh make up look? Book an appointment with me and I can help you refresh your look for the season. 

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