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Exfoliation is the Key to Beautiful Skin

March 07, 2023

Exfoliation is the Key to Beautiful Skin

Having been involved in the professional skin care business for quite some, I have continued to see a steady progression of skin care procedures that have allowed me to provide an ever increasingly degree of improvement to our clients’ skin health and appearance,

Using our first hand knowledge of enzymes, glycolic acids, antioxidants such as Vitamin E, A, and C, along with Dermaplaning, microneedling, radio frequency, micro-current, and lasers, we have developed two new “Facial Treatments” that provide immediate improvement and noticeable results, both with much longer residual benefits. 

These treatments are fully customizable, making them appropriate for any skin type or condition. Both with the goal of vastly improving the texture, tone, and coloring of your skin, and all with very little or no downtime or discomfort!!!!!

The “D&M” Glass Facial

Keeping in mind the tremendous importance of effectively removing the build up of the dry, dead skin cells that can render the skin dull, rough, and wrinkled, this “double exfoliation” facial treatment utilizes protolytic enzymes to quickly and efficiently dissolve the superficial layer of skin cells, allowing our time-tested dermaplaning technique to complete the exfoliating process, leaving your skin with the ability to accept the extremely hydrating, plumping, and brightening “cocktail” of antioxidants, growth factors,  and nutrients that leave your skin feeling and looking like “GLASS!” 

Following this procedure up with the Collagen Sleep Mask will easily reinforce the powerful results of the Glass Facial for continual repair and glow!


This exciting new “light based” facial treatment allows the client to experience a through exfoliation of the skin via either by our Dermaplaning technique or our protolytic enzymes. 

What follows is the COOLPEEL laser procedure that creates a collagen stimulating effect on the lower levels of the skin and simultaneously provides a controlled heating of the top layer of skin which results in an almost invisible exfoliation of the skin due to the evaporation of the dry, superficial skin.

This allows a prospective client that might be somewhat apprehensive of a COOLPEEL treatment to experience a much lighter CO2 laser experience while receiving a highly effective exfoliating and rejuvenating facial treatment.  All with no pain or downtime.

Following up the COOLPEEL Facial with our pHinal Phase Barrier Protector provides excellent protection for your newly refreshed skin and ensures continued improvement of the skin.

I’m extremely anxious to show you first hand the fabulous skin changing results that these new facial treatments can create…..considering “seeing is believing!”


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Erica Harris
Erica Harris

April 19, 2023

I had the “D&M Glass Facial” a couple of weeks ago and it is hands down my favorite facial I’ve ever had. I loved it. My skin looked and felt fantastic! Excited to try the Cool Peel facial next!

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