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Everything you need to know about bronzer

April 05, 2022

Everything you need to know about bronzer

The biggest and most favorite addition to my makeup bag is bronzer. I like the way my skin looks when I have a tan, I feel younger and healthier with a little color. But I don’t like be in the sun and I don’t like to see a line between my neck and face when I use a darker foundation.


Of course, I don’t use a foundation because I love our Beloved Beauty Balm but the point is, I want my face and neck to blend seamlessly and I can accomplish this by using our Faithful Matte Bronzer.


When I strategically place the bronzer on my face, I can create defined cheekbones, a narrow looking nose and healthier looking bronze skin. And as a bonus, I can use it as an eye shadow to add contour and depth to my eye shadow application. I like a powder matte bronzer because it is easier to use and looks more natural.


I applied the bronzer with a chisel blush brush and before applying it to my skin I always knock off any excess powder that may be on my brush. Then I start in the middle of my forehead, take the brush around my temple then under my cheekbone and then around to my jawline. It’s like I am making a big number three on my face. Then I do it to the other side of my face. With the excess bronzer on my brush I applied to the sides of my nose and apples of my cheeks. If I want to add some contour to my eye area I change to my large eye shadow brush and apply it on the edge of bone that makes my eye socket, with a back and forth motion.


Just a little extra help with my bronzer for a beautiful natural looking makeup application. Summer is just around the corner and you are going to love adding this simple trick to your makeup routine. Add a bright lip, more blush and lots of mascara for a very youthful summer 2022 look!


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