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Easy Summer Skincare Routine

June 27, 2022

Easy Summer Skincare Routine

It’s Summertime.. That means warmer weather, more traveling, and more time spent outside. All of these things, plus not drinking enough water, can lead to dehydrated-looking skin. 

Of course we all want refreshed, beautiful looking skin, so when it comes to  skincare and products we should be using daily we should gravitate towards the ones that scream hydration. 


The first step in your summer skincare routine is to cleanse. 

Our most popular David and Mary cleanser is Plussh. A super gentle, easy rinse facial cleanser with anti-bacterial properties for sensitive skin, including rosacea, post-laser, and post-surgery cleansing. Extracts of chamomile, rosemary, and tea tree combine with powerful anti-pollutants to restore skin to a normal ph. Skin will experience a luminous moisture veil after cleansing with no greasy residue. 

It is also great for effectively removing leftover makeup, dirt, and impurities. This is key for those who struggle with acne! 


Once your face is clean, follow up with a regulating toner. Silver Bullet is a multi-task face and body toner done right. This non-greasy, yet highly moisturizing tonic monitors the effects of environmental forces and aging. Keeps the skin supercharged no matter what the climatic changes.


The last step before you are ready for the day is to make sure you are protecting the skin from the sun. One Step SPF is an airy, lightweight, daily moisturizer, for all skin types, including oily skin This SPF is chalked full of vitamins and antioxidants for an anti-aging effect


If you have a good skincare routine that leaves your face feeling fresh, moistened, and hydrated, you know just how much better your overall appearance is including your makeup. Your makeup goes on so much smoother and gives off that glow everyone wants. 


Looking to boost your results or add in extra hydration? Book a skincare consultation or facial with us to learn more about your skins specific needs!

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