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David's Skincare Routine

May 09, 2022

David's Skincare Routine

Having had a tremendous battle with chronic acne as a teenager that followed me well into my late twenty’s, I have always been very dedicated to cleansing my skin morning and night. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper instruction on “how, when, where, and why,” of effective skin care, I did many things incorrectly that I now know hindered me controlling my breakout.
I vividly remember scrubbing my skin with very harsh soaps and astringents that only made my skin condition worse. It wasn’t until I finally found a very progressive dermatologist that prescribed a newly released drug called ACCUTANE! After two, twenty week rounds of taking the drug, my unrelenting bout with acne was cured! What I was left with was physical, as well as emotional scaring, that would eventually catapult me into an unbelievably fascinating and rewarding world of professional skin care.
When Mary and I travel, my toiletries bag far out weighs Mary’s bag. I always remind Mary to the fact that she has always had beautiful skin, and that I have to work a little harder to have great looking skin!
Morning Routine
Just like Mary, I am very consistent with my home skin care regime. In the mornings, I start my day like most men, showering to not only cleanse my body and hair, but to also pre soften my beard for a better shave. I usually cleanse my face with our David and Mary Multiplicity Cleanser before getting in the shower. I many times actually shave while in the the shower, as the warm steam helps keep my skin very moist . I am particularly fond of a razor system from a company called Harry’s due to the fact that I get a really close shave, but with no razor burn or irritation.
As soon as I get out of the shower, I dry off and immediately spray Silver Bullet toner on my face and chest. What follows is a couple pipettes of our new Ferulic C.B.E Power Serum, (coming soon!) followed by an application of our One Step - spf30 Sunscreen Moisturizer, and then finally, a couple drops of our Phinal Phase Serum as the “phinal” step by to seal everything into my skin and to prevent any evaporation of moisture from my skin, and I’m really to start a new day.
Nightime Routine
My nightly routine starts with either our Multiplicity Cleanser, or if I’m feeling a little dehydrated, I use our cult favorite Plussh Cleanser, for the light moisture veil that it leaves on my skin. I sometimes will follow with a double cleansing action by doing a light exfoliation with our Clean Slate Scrub, using circular motions with the scrub, or sometimes I will leave the Clean Slate Scrub on my skin for about 8-10 minutes as a mask, and then wash it of with a clean washcloth and warm water. I will then mist my face with Silver Bullet toner and follow with a light application of Long Term Care Cream to repair my skin from the harmful free radicals that can prematurely age skin. As with in my morning regime, I finish everything off with a light patting application of our Phinal Phase Serum to lock everything in my skin. Next comes, a light application of Nite Nite Eye and Neck Cream, using light tapping motions to the outer and under eye area. If I happen to be dealing with any irritation or a pimple, I tap on a dab of Drying Potion on the offending area, and the next day, it is greatly improved, if not completely gone!!!!
Many times I explain to our male clients that when they follow a similar night time regime like myself, they have actually quarantined a closer, smoother shave the next morning, by actually prepping their skin the night before!
The only additional step that I sometimes perform is a generous application of our Collagen Power Mask as a “sleeping mask” (coming soon!) after my misting of Silver Bullet Toner. My reward the following morning is a smooth, healthy looking skin with less fine lines and irritation.

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