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David & Mary Holiday Gift Sets are Here!

November 22, 2021

David & Mary Holiday Gift Sets are Here!


These days, it feels like we are all in need of a bit of self-care. Here at David & Mary we have designed three gift sets that will soothe stress, calm nerves, and help you look your best for the holiday season. Grab a gift set for your loved ones or even one for yourself. You'll love this gift of luxury and the special savings for the holiday season. 
Below are each of our gift sets and what they contain. Head to the website and click on "Holiday gift sets" to see images of each. Each set contains either plussh or multiplicity cleanser so be sure to purchase the gift set with the cleanser you want! 

These sets will be live for purchase on Black Friday and are available in limited quantities! Purchase yours before they're gone.
David & Mary 2021 Holiday Gift Sets
  • Merry and Bright Package
Our Holiday Package that focuses on the foundational aspect of any good home skin care regime, an effective cleanser (Plussh Cleanser for a more emollient experience or Multiplicity Cleanser for a foaming cleansing), that provides thorough removal of make up as well as the pollutants that we come in contact during our busy day, all while leaving the skin supple and fresh feeling. This package also includes our companion, “cult favorite” toner (Silver Bullet), that provides an amazing spritz of hydration that is addicting to the senses and deeply appreciated by your skin. Both these products should be used as being steps of both your morning and evening regime.
  • Sleigh Ride Package
This Holiday Package includes not only your choice of either our Plussh Cleanser or Multiplicity Cleanser, but also the skin pampering addition of our gentle, but very effective enzyme exfoliator, Clean Slate. Clean Slate adds an extra removal of dead skin cells while providing a rejuvenating massaging action to the skin. And to insure a healthy glow of color plus a healthy layer of hydration and sun protection, included in this package is our airy “Beloved Beauty Balm,” that blends seamlessly with natural coloring.
  • Winter Wonderland Package
With this expanded luxury package the receiver will enjoy all the pampering David & Mary products found in our Sleigh Ride Package plus our deeply moisturizing and smoothing “Smooth Move” Serum, along with our Skinny Dip Lux Lip Gloss, and if that isn’t enough, we top it all off with our highly acclaimed Black Mascara to help intensify your lashes and add glamour to all your Winter Wonderland occasions throughout the Holiday Season.
Happy Holidays to All
David and Mary

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