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Custom Blended Lipstick Has Arrived at David & Mary

October 29, 2022

Custom Blended Lipstick Has Arrived at David & Mary

The masks are off and it’s time to take our lips seriously.

I have always thought the best little guilty pleasure I could buy, was a new lipstick. A lipstick won’t break the bank, and with the right little black dress, I could feel like a million bucks! But the problem was finding the lipstick that was the perfect red, or a gorgeous pink, and of course, there’s that elusive nude lip color that is only available on the pages of Vogue magazine. 

But now, get ready for custom blended lipsticks. Available only at Lip Couture, a designer lip experience for David and Mary. 

Why create a custom lipstick?

While we cannot speak for everyone, we brought Lip Couture- A designer lip experience to the Fishers & Indianapolis market for several reasons.

  • I was fed up of wasting time and money searching for the perfect shade and texture of lipstick.
  • There were no luxury, cruelty-free makeup brands, that were made in the USA.
  • I wanted lipsticks that weren’t full of chemicals and would dry my lips out.
  • There had to be a solution to leaving makeup artists and not having the right shade to reapply later.
  • Brands would discontinue my favorite color and I wouldn’t being able to get it again. Meaning the hunt for the perfect lip color had to start all over again. If you bring your favorite discontinued shade to us, we’ll try our best to color match it.

What is a Lip Couture - a designer lip experience?

A custom lipstick isn’t just about creating another lipstick but about the experience, creating memories and a lipstick you love. I’ve always struggled to find the perfect nude, pink and red in particular and custom lipsticks solve that problem.

I’m more into experiences now than just buying things, especially when it comes to gifting or doing things with my girls. My first experience with custom lipstick was in New York and I loved how exciting and interactive custom makeup services felt and how special they make you feel. 

But there wasn’t anywhere in Indiana to create your own custom blend lipstick so I wanted to solve that. Knowing how much fun it would be for bridal parties, bachelorettes, birthdays, corporate events and any woman who loves makeup.

A custom lipstick experience means you become part of the cosmetic creation process. 

What does the process look like?

With our color experts, you can create any type of lipstick that you have ever imagine! Do you want it with or without frost? Matte, cream or any shade of pink imaginable. Let’s explore how this process works.

First, we establish which color will suit your personality, wardrobe and style. Together we will create a color that has endless possibilities.

Next step, you will choose the texture of your lipstick. You can make a crème, matte, sheer, shiny lipstick or even a gloss.

After you have chosen the texture you then decide how your creation feels, how it taste and the delightful scent you will experience while wearing a custom blended lipstick.

Lastly, you will now complete your formula by adding moisturizing botanicals, hydrating serums or protective sunscreens to create healthy skincare for your lips. And for those of you that love a matte lip, you can add a mattifier for a camera ready finish. 

Viola! The perfect lipstick has been created exclusively for you.


Please come and enjoy the experience of custom blended lipsticks at Lip Couture for David and Mary in Fishers.

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