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April 04, 2022


David & Mary - The Salon Experience proudly introduces CoolPeel

With CoolPeel CO2 laser you can achieve

  1. Maximum Results in Minimal Time - Noticeable Improvement with Only One Treatment
  2. Little or no Downtime - Return to Your Regular Lifestyle
  3. Cumulative Effects - Skin Continues to Improve with Every Treatment

One of the fastest ways to improve the look and feel of your skin is with laser resurfacing.  Time, lifestyle choices, sun exposure and hormones take their toll on skin causing brown spots, redness, fine lines, and wrinkles. CoolPeel is what can greatly reverse these unwanted conditions! 

Much unlike past versions of the CO2 laser that typically required a minimum of one month recovery time, what makes CoolPeel so unique and revolutionary is that it can vastly improve overall skin texture and tone, reduce pore size, fine lines, wrinkles and scars, with little or no downtime.  Equally exciting, sun spots and acne are also greatly improved when CoolPeel is used.

Why CoolPeel? To Reclaim a More Youthful, Fresh Looking Skin with Little or No Downtime!

Luckily, CoolPeel can deliver exceptional results without the same downtime.  CoolPeel is the latest, most advanced CO2 laser that can control its output to deliver high energy in extremely short pulses without the lingering heat that would traditionally damage the surrounding skin.  This lack of unnecessary heat is why it is called “cool” peel.

Instead of the long, disruptive downtime associated with previous CO2 lasers, you should expect to be a little red, similar to a sunburn, for a day or two, but nothing should prevent you from returning to your normal daily activities.  Your skin will feel dry and scaly as it heals, so it is important to keep your skin well hydrated.  What will follow on day three or four is a sandpaper feeling that may last for approximately one week.

We here at David & Mary - The Salon Experience are extremely proud to be able to offer this exciting new CoolPeel treatment and are anxious for you to see the tremendous results that can follow, first hand!

Your Skin Needs It and You Deserve It!!

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