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Changing the Face of a Facial

September 27, 2020

Changing the Face of a Facial

Over the years, many individuals have considered facials to be a luxury or a treat that one allows themselves to receive when on vacation or when visiting another, possibly more urban city that might have several establishments that offer professional facials. But in the last twenty or so years, facials have grown up and are considered by many people to be necessities and no longer just pampering sessions involving cold cream and neck massage.
With younger people entering the job market, there has been an even greater importance placed on one’s appearance, not only in attire, but also in personal hygiene and appearance. Considering our skin is the largest organ of our body and totally exposed to the outside world, and the fact that our face is always visible, it only makes sense that we take care of the skin on our faces similarly to how we take care of our oral hygiene and our teeth and exercise is to our bodies.
We have dutifully enlisted in regular dental appointments for check ups, cleanings, and as of late, the all important teeth whitening service, but when it comes to our faces, many people put little or no importance of seeking out professional care and advise on how to best maintain their skin’s health and appearance.
Never the less, whether we like it or not, our faces are constantly judged my others, and how our skin appears, says something about us.
Luckily, the world of skin care has become much more scientific and there are countless formulating and manufacturing companies that have invested extremely large amounts of research and money into providing new and improved skin care and cosmetic products to help improve and maintain our appearance.
Visit any drug store today, and you will be bombarded by countless skin care products similarly to how you can also choose from many brands of toothpastes, toothbrushes, and dental flosses in every flavor and texture. But just as brushing and flossing do not replace the need for periodic professional dental care, the same is true for skin care.
There is no question that good skin care for home care is important, yet it can only go so far to achieve maximum results. For the ultimate results for the face, you need a periodic facial “treatment” performed by a professional esthetician or “facial hygienist.”
A skin care professional can provide a couple key elements that are paramount in your quest for great looking and feeling skin that can only be achieved by developing a professional relationship with a skin care pro. A skin care specialist can take the guess work of out of skin care, by providing the “how, when, and where” regarding the usage of your skin care products. Many times, the revised sequencing of product usage or the frequency can make all the difference as to whether or not the user sees a vast improvement to their skin.
Another key advantage is that during the professional skin care treatment, the esthetician can perform procedures that not only stimulate your skin to produce more elastin and collagen, but they can also deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin to allow greater penetration of your skin care home products.
Light chemical peels alternated with physical treatments of micro-needling and dermaplaning have gained tremendous popularity for rapid improvement of texture, tone and complexion blending of one’s skin. These treatments are painless and require little or no downtime.
Professional skin care treatments have definitely graduated to a whole new level of skin rejuvenation and when consistently coupled with the home care products recommended by your facial hygienist, be prepared to see more refined pores, more even pigmentation and less sun spots.
Welcome to the “New Face” of professional Skin Care results.
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