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All Skin Colors, Ages, and Body Shapes Need to Take Care of their Skin

August 04, 2020

All Skin Colors, Ages, and Body Shapes Need to Take Care of their Skin

I am sure most of us know that our skin is the largest organ of our body, but why is it we paid so little attention to taking consistent care of this important part of us that holds the human body together?


We have been educated that brushing our teeth twice a day, flossing and visiting the dentist twice a year is extremely important for the total health of our body. And I am sure that few would argue the importance of exercise. During COVID 19 the streets were filled with couples walking together, families riding bicycles and runners out keeping their bodies fit.


But there is no stigma associated with not attending to your skin. We know your body is healthy by eating clean food,(ironic) exercising to strengthen and tone our bodies, or brushing our teeth for the health of our gums.


The beauty industry spends millions or maybe even billions of dollars each year to entice us to buy a specific product that will turn back time.


But here’s the truth of it, if we would consistently take care of our skin during the day by choosing to cleanse, tone, moisturize with a moisturizer containing SPF 30 and at night cleanse, tone, and treat our skin with a moisturizer containing a specific treatment for our skin type, the difference this makes to our skin, is like the difference between brushing or choosing not to brush our teeth twice a day.


This is basic Skin Education 101! It’s like the biggest secret kept by the lucky few who were taught or fell into these simple facts of knowledge. Keep your skin clean, like washing your hands, a notion now that every politician, news reporter, and scientist is shouting from the highest hill.


We must hydrate our skin because seventy percent of our body is made of H2O, which we lose thru out the day during activities.


And we must use a protectant on our skin daily to avoid the dangers of the sun whether exposed directly or indirectly, thusly avoiding the development of cancer.


Nighttime treatment is extremely important because our skin is resting. It can more easily heal with a necessary treatment due to the fact that our bodies are not working vigorously to protect our skin during the day from outside elements.


Everyone has skin, no matter our age, shape, or color, and it’s the one common denominator that could bring us together thru the care of it.


If we all care for our skin more effectively and consistently we will have the best skin possible and understand the importance of healthy skin not the age, shape,or color of it.

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