massage Carmel INThe body work at David & Mary is based upon therapeutic massage and tailored to your needs in a relaxing and safe environment.

*NEW* Coconut Bay massage

Stone Massage
This signature David & Mary massage enhances your relaxation with the use of heated and oiled basalt stones, placed on your body’s tension spots, and used for increasing energy and more long lasting effects from your massage treatment. Approx. 60 minutes

Relaxation Massage

Our most requested massage, this traditional Swedish massage incorporates long, flowing strokes to relieve tense muscles, increase circulation, and release stress. Approx. 60 minutes

Firm Therapeutic Massage

Feel your tension slip away as your therapist uses a combination of Swedish, firm tissue, and trigger point therapies for a more intensive deep-reaching massage. Approx. 60 minutes

90 Minute “R & R” Massage
[Relaxation Massage] $110
[Firm Therapeutic Massage] $120

For the ultimate enjoyment-extend your massage by 30 more mind-boggling minutes. This treatment combines a special massage sequence to loosen up and target your most troubled muscles for added relaxation and stress reduction. Definitely the best massage when enough is not enough. Approx. 90 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage

Enjoy all the benefits of our traditional Relaxation Massage with the addition of a special blend of aromatic oils and deeply penetrating heat packs for long lasting, therapeutic effects. Jet lag and nervous tension, beware! Approx. 60 minutes

Couples Massage
$70 per Guest

Enjoy massage for two in our private couples suite. Massage treatments can be customized to your individual needs. Unwind together or celebrate a special occasion. Approx. 60 minutes

The 4 Handed Massage
[Relaxation] $140
[Therapeutic] $160

This massage is for the over-indulgent, or for those occasions when two hands are simply just not enough. Two massage therapists work artfully and simultaneously to leave you in a deep state of relaxation. Assistance will be given for the terminally relaxed trying to get to their next salon destination! Approx. 60 minutes

Steamin’ Massage

Just when you thought your massage couldn’t possibly get any better, consider trying this fabulous massage in our Aqua Room. Sense the difference when your feet touch the heated river stones the second you enter the warm inviting environment on your journey to an invigorating yet calming steam shower. After your steamy shower, drift away as your massage therapist takes you to a totally different level of peacefulness. Experience this royal treatment to really appreciate what an upgrade is all about. Approx. 95 minutes

Sinus Drainage Massage
[30 minutes] $50
[60 minutes] $90

This relieving treatment combines acupressure to the sinus areas, head, neck and shoulders and an essential oil remedy formulated for sinus and respiratory relief. Allows a breath of fresh air, relief for sinus allergy sufferers.

Headache and Migraine Relief Massage
[30 minutes] $50
[60 minutes] $90

Headaches and migraines need not be as debilitating as they have been in the past. This relief session uses anti-inflammatory and cooling products that help to minimize pain, as well as the massaging of specific areas to help relieve muscle tension. Also a great treatment for those who suffer from TMJ.

Pressure Point Treatment

A century old technique that incorporates specific pressure point massage on the hands and feet – releases energy flow to various corresponding organs in the body. Truly a total body energizer and rejuvenator. Approx. 45 minutes.

Hydrating Back Massage

Combine all the benefits of our Signature Relaxation Massage with a deeply moisturizing, mineral enriched body mask to the back. Warm towels add extra conditioning and heighten the soothing experience. Enjoy a fabulous massage that multi-tasks. You leave your session totally relaxed and those hard to reach areas of your back feel hydrated and soft. Approx. 60 minutes.

David and Mary Embracing Change – A New Chapter in Beauty Care

David and Mary are bringing serious beauty back to Carmel. Considered the authority in beauty care, David and Mary are now at Bellissimo Salon and Spa located in the heart of Carmel. Drawing upon years of expertise creating comprehensive prescriptive beauty and style plans for thousands of clients, this innovative duo has perfected the path to Aging Well. From hair color and personal style, make-up to skincare... its your turn to experience serious beauty! Call to book your services today.